More than Pictures | A Farewell Letter to Sophie Clay

If you have hired Taylor Square over the last four years, then you have probably met Sophie Clay.  She’s my second shooter, travel buddy, light tester extraordinaire and best friend — the Salt to my Peppa, my partner in crime.  

Over the past four years, our friendship has grown from working in a law office (where I was her manager, and she was my runner) to being an amazing team.

Our story goes a little like this:

My then second shooter was moving in a few months, and I needed help quickly.  Sophie did a good job at the firm, plus she comes from a long line of famous artists.  Her mother, Maude Schuyler Clay, and father, Langdon Clay are in their own right Mississippi arts royalty.  She had the talent in her DNA.  Much to my surprise when I asked her if she did photography, her response was hesitant.  She was exposed her whole life, but never considered it a path for herself.  I offered to let her try it out, and the rest is history.  She picked up the composition instantly.  Her ease with the camera came next, and over the last few years, she has turned into a stunning photographer.  It also helped that she can talk to ANYONE.  She made friends wherever she went and brought positivity and attentiveness to my business that I hope to maintain.  

Clients love her because she goes the extra mile.  Vendors love her because she’s always greeting them with a warm smile.  She’s going to be so missed.  

You see, April 27 was our last wedding together (hopefully temporary).  Sophie has been offered a dream job in Aspen, Colorado, which she starts in just a few short days.  

My Salt is leaving the South headed into the wide, wide world.  My friend is moving, and I am so sad.  So I am here to give her a proper goodbye. 

Slowphie Clay, thank you.  Thank you for being willing to try something you knew nothing about, but stepped up and took a leap of faith.  You have helped me grow my business to heights I only dreamed I could do.  Thank you for always making me feel punctual.  I will never be as late as you.  Thank you for keeping my attitude in check even when you know I am right.  Thank you for parking the car in the rain, enticing horses with carrots, yelling at valets and even helping me look for late night bath plugs at the Country Inn.  We have met the very famous.  The shameless.  Seen things that can’t be unseen.  Taken shots with pushy Polish guests.  Cars driving backward and red lights that never change.   You are such a good friend and make work so fun.  I’m going to miss you every weekend like crazy.

As much as I want you to stay here with me, you would be crazy not to go.  I am so proud of you Sophie Clay!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a stepping stone in your journey to the top.  You deserve nothing but the best in this wide, wide world.  

If you’ve had the pleasure of Sophie working at your wedding and would like to leave her a sweet note, please feel free to comment at the bottom. I know she would love all your well wishes and encouragement on her big move out West.

And, don’t worry about me. New things are happening at Taylor Square. I have two lovely new young ladies that are on board and ready to work. 2019 is going to be the year of new beginnings for all of us. ~ Ann-Marie