Ellen + Alec | Elegant Southern Plein Air Wedding

I just love it when a bride steps out of the box and executes something unordinary. When Ellen told me she wanted an 11:30 am ceremony time, I was thrilled. Starting to shoot a wedding at 7:00 am is not something I want to make a habit of, but it was so fun working with different lighting patterns and having a different feel to the whole day. It was unique and fresh. It was fine whiskey, top hats, second-lines, and duck cakes. Mimosas and oysters. It was a beautiful day with two of the sweetest most genuine people you will ever meet. It was such a good day.

“As a little girl, my dreams of the kind of wedding I wanted to have were always changing. The only constant was that I was surrounded by friends and family while I married an amazing man. This wedding far exceeded any dream I’ve ever dreamt. “ -Ellen

“Alec and I met at a college party- we both grew up in Memphis but did not know each other until he got to Ole Miss. It is a perfect example of God’s perfect timing, because He allowed us to meet when we were at a point in our lives when we were ready to grow together. It has been fun to go through life stages together and make great friends that we can both call our own. Our wedding party was a beautiful example of how our relationship has grown through our friends.” -Ellen  

“Alec proposed to me the Friday night of Double Decker with all of our friends and family in town to celebrate. Throughout our relationship, Alec has always said that his favorite thing about the sunset on a rooftop or balcony on the square is that the last thing you see over the buildings is the black cross on the steeple of the Episcopal church. He tells me it reminds him that our days should always end with Christ. He proposed to me on a balcony at sunset on the square, and the cross in the sunset was the center of our pictures. His proposal emphasized to me that I was marrying a man who will always make Christ the center of our relationship.” -Ellen

“Our wedding was the most special day of our lives, not only because we were getting married around the people in the world who mean the most to us, but also because our wedding reflected our personalities with every detail. We both love to celebrate life with cocktails and great food (I love to be in bed by nine o clock!). We both are very laid back, and one of Alec’s best qualities is that he teaches me to let go of life’s stresses and just be me. That is how we decided to go with a daytime celebration and we could not have chosen a more fun way to begin our marriage! “ -Ellen

“As I was walking into the wedding, my veil flew away in the wind! It was a chaotic moment seconds before walking down the aisle having wedding guests help pin my veil onto my hair. I wasn’t sure that it would stay on throughout the ceremony. The only way I could hold back tears as Alec cried through our vows was to remember that at any moment my veil could fall off again! “ -Ellen

“Our cake was one of the most fun things of the reception because Alec had no idea what it was going to be. He is an avid duck hunter, and Laura at The Flour Garden understood that perfectly. Alec’s duck cake is still one of his favorite things about the reception- and Laura went above and beyond to make Alec feel special. “ -Ellen

“I hope that every bride takes moments to herself throughout the process to remember the reason why she is doing all this work. Take time to notice each thoughtful gesture everyone does for you and realize how much the event is about love. Love between you and your future hubby, love between friends and family, and most importantly the Love that Christ has for us. The wedding planning process can be extremely difficult and tiring, but just be you and remember that at the end of the day you have your husband by your side.”  -Ellen

Ellen and Alec, it was AMAZING. Thank you for trusting us to capture such a perfect day. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful, fun relationship with each other. Welcome to our family! - Ann-Marie

Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella bridesmaid  | Tux: men’s warehouse | Cakes: the flour garden  | Venue: mill at plein air  | Coordinator: Angela Mizanti  | Invitations: Mrs. post stationary | Rentals: Details Rentals | Music/Band: the krackerjacks  | Rehearsal Venue: Taylor grocery  | Videographer: Sami sue studios  | Caterer: a&n catering | Hair: Annie Shackleford Coates | Makeup: Mary shields hunter (@makeupbymshields)