Weezie & Daniel | Memphis Country Club "Weezie Wonderland" Wedding

When I met Weezie and Daniel for the first time to take their engagement photos, I walked away so excited. They had amazing chemistry and every shot showed their true love for each other. I could not wait for the wedding and it did not disappoint!  These two are so adorable together and it conveyed in the images. 

"My bridal party made the day very special. I had girls who I have gone to school with since I was three years old, to friends from college, to friends I’ve made since moving back to Memphis, to old and new family. No matter how long I have known them, they all showed me nothing but love and encouragement that weekend. When we were getting ready, they gave me a box full of notes and pictures of us from different phases in my life. It was so thoughtful of them, and I will always look back through those notes and think of how special they are to me." - Weezie 

"Daniel and I wrote notes to each other to read before our first look. Throughout the course of dating, Daniel always wrote me notes on notebook paper. It’s kind of a ‘thing’ of ours. I loved when I opened up his note on our wedding day, and it was written on notebook paper. It made me smile!" - Weezie

"Daniel and I wanted the day to be a fun celebration of our love and commitment to each other. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the wedding details, because there are so many of them, but we always kept going back to the thought “at the end of the day we will be married”. That perspective made the day much more fun and exciting than stressful." - Weezie

"What made our wedding so special was that Daniel and I truly felt so loved by every guest at our wedding. It was overwhelming how supported and encouraged we felt by our family and friends that weekend. The fact that so many of our family members came from all over the world to celebrate us was just awesome. We had family there from Canada, Amsterdam, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Alabama, Virginia, East Tennessee, and more! It was such an honor to have them all there." - Weezie

"I had not really thought about the details of my wedding until I met Daniel. All the sudden, I started thinking about that day and what it would not only look like but what it would feel like. I wanted to make sure that our love was at the center of the celebration. I definitely felt that way on our wedding day!" -Weezie 

"Right before our vows, Daniel’s dad, his best man, dropped the rings. He recovered quickly by picking them up and acting like he was going to throw them into the congregation. It was so funny! I needed a laugh because I had been so teary and emotional up to that point of the ceremony, and the rings were unscathed!" - Weezie

"The wedding was everything I dreamed of and more because of our wedding planner, the amazing Mona Dunlap. I loved working with her, and she did such a great job listening to my vision and bringing it to life. While we were getting ready the day of the wedding, my bridal party went and took a sneak peak of the venue while our vendors were setting up and called it a “Weezie wonderland” because it was so “me”! I was so thankful for all the work Mona put into our wedding day to make it so special!" - Weezie

"My dad and I decided just two weeks before the wedding that we would take a couple dance lessons for the traditional Father-Daughter Dance. Those lessons were so fun and such a sweet time for us to spend together before I got married. I would not trade that time with my dad for anything!" - Weezie

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing Weezie's cousin tear up the dance floor to "Walking on Sunshine".  I promise, every time I hear that song I will remember how much fun she was having dancing to this song.  She truly was walking on sunshine!   Keep an eye on her, because she makes more appearances during the night!

"When I threw the bouquet, I couldn’t really see behind me because of the bright stage lights. I threw it, and it went straight into the ballroom chandelier. Thankfully I got to try throwing another bouquet and missed the chandelier the second time! " - Weezie

"We wanted to have an Elvis come to the wedding to add a little Memphis flavor to the night. We were going to hire somebody, but my brother offered. He rented an Elvis costume, and it was hilarious! I thought he was just going to pose for pictures with wedding guests, but he went all out. Daniel and I had no idea that he was going to dance on stage or sing Rocky Top with the band. We absolutely loved it, and it was one of the highlights of our night. Go Vols!" - Weezie

"Daniel and I want to thank my parents and his parents for making our wedding weekend so very special. They made our dreams come true, and we appreciate them more than I think they will ever know!" - Weezie

Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Tux: Mens’ Warehouse | Cake: Lee Sanders | Venue: Memphis Country Club | Designer and Planner: Mona E. Dunlap Events | Flowers: The Garden District | Invitations: RSVP | Rentals: White Door Events and Liz Luxury Event Rentals | Music/Band: DMP | Rehearsal Venue: Bounty on Broad | Videographer: Message in a Bottle Productions | Caterer: Memphis Country Club | Hair: Jenna Talarico and Lindsay Howell | Makeup: Make Up by Kendrick