Allie & Jonathan | Nashville Private Estate Wedding

Allie Brooks and Jonathan Roberts’ October wedding was nothing short of beautiful.  They are both so down-to-earth and kind, fun-loving people.  The wedding was held on Allie’s father’s private estate outside of Nashville in the chapel he had built for his daughters. We were lucky to be able to explore the property and take advantage of all the beautiful photo opportunities it had to offer.

I am so excited to share this budding Nashville country music star and elementary teacher’s gorgeous wedding day!

“We met on Tinder, and saw the 2nd Avengers Age of Ultron as friends, but I knew the moment I met him that the friends thing would not last too long.” - Allie  

For the first look Allie wanted to surprise Jonathan by sending Eve, her rescue dog out before her in a cute little tutu. It was a great ice breaker before the big reveal!

“We sent out Eve for the first look before me, I think that helped Jonathan relax a little.” - Allie

Before we started off to take photos, Allie and Jonathan spent a little time with Eve while the rest of the family enjoyed some quality time together around the house. Family and friends hanging out enjoying each other’s company. The exact way a wedding day should be!

We set out to take photos of Allie and Jonathan around the property riding on an ATV. We explored the woods (Allie was barefoot the whole time!). and stumbled upon the perfect spot. While we were taking photos a tree frog hopped on Allie’s dress like she was a Disney Princess. I think she has a little Snow White in her! Animals flock to her!

“I reached down and he crawled right onto my finger.  He had the cutest little smile on his face— I swear.  After that, Jonathan wore him around as a boutonniere for a while and he never moved.  Someone in my family must have been reincarnated as a frog.  I felt so surrounded by love.” -Allie

Our next location was called “Crocodile Rock”.  This place holds special meaning for Allie and her sisters because they grew up playing and having picnics here. The moss covered boulders and lush green forest made for some stunning photos.

“I never really felt like a girl who would get married, never really had a serious relationship before Jonathan.  BUT, the only thing I did know that should the day and right guy come along, that I would get married in our family church.” -Allie 

“My father as he was walking me down the isle whispered, “Please slow down; I only get to do this once.”  At that moment I realized that my father, the first man I ever loved, was about to present me to my husband and even though nothing would change between my father and me, he gave me away that day.  I want to spend every moment and every memory with Jonathan and the ones I love. Taking it slow so that we really cherish the moments we are in.  Because we can’t get them back.” - Allie

“The sole focus of the ceremony was the natural light and elegance of the church.  My father and his friends built that church for our family in 2001, the beauty of the church speaks for itself.  Greenery was used instead of bright flowers, elegance sits in simplicity.” -Allie 

“Our venue only sat 60 people (though I think we ended up having 72 haha) so it was very intimate and personal.” -Allie  

“The thing that surprised me the most about our wedding day was, I did not cry.  There was something so grounding about Jonathan that day.  He made everything calm and beautiful.  I honestly expected to be a bridezilla but, the day was perfect, and I had no worries as long as I knew I was going to end up Mrs. Roberts when it was all over.” -Allie

One of the sweetest moments of the day was watching Allie and her dad during their father-daughter dance.  In between bits of conversation, Garth sang lines from James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is to Be Loved by You”.

After the dances, Allie surprised Jonathan’s mother with a birthday cake complete with an amazing rendition of Happy Birthday.  What a special day for a mother to share with her son.

Allie and Jonathan, we cannot thank you and your families enough for your hospitality and kindness.  Thank you for allowing us such an amazing opportunity to be part of a gorgeous memory. I wish you guys nothing but the best in your future together!