Allie & Jonathan | Nashville Private Estate Wedding

Allie Brooks and Jonathan Roberts’ October wedding was nothing short of beautiful.  They are both so down-to-earth and kind, fun-loving people.  The wedding was held on Allie’s father’s private estate outside of Nashville in the chapel he had built for his daughters. We were lucky to be able to explore the property and take advantage of all the beautiful photo opportunities it had to offer.

I am so excited to share this budding Nashville country music star and elementary teacher’s gorgeous wedding day!

“We met on Tinder, and saw the 2nd Avengers Age of Ultron as friends, but I knew the moment I met him that the friends thing would not last too long.” - Allie  

For the first look Allie wanted to surprise Jonathan by sending Eve, her rescue dog out before her in a cute little tutu. It was a great ice breaker before the big reveal!

“We sent out Eve for the first look before me, I think that helped Jonathan relax a little.” - Allie

Before we started off to take photos, Allie and Jonathan spent a little time with Eve while the rest of the family enjoyed some quality time together around the house. Family and friends hanging out enjoying each other’s company. The exact way a wedding day should be!

We set out to take photos of Allie and Jonathan around the property riding on an ATV. We explored the woods (Allie was barefoot the whole time!). and stumbled upon the perfect spot. While we were taking photos a tree frog hopped on Allie’s dress like she was a Disney Princess. I think she has a little Snow White in her! Animals flock to her!

“I reached down and he crawled right onto my finger.  He had the cutest little smile on his face— I swear.  After that, Jonathan wore him around as a boutonniere for a while and he never moved.  Someone in my family must have been reincarnated as a frog.  I felt so surrounded by love.” -Allie

Our next location was called “Crocodile Rock”.  This place holds special meaning for Allie and her sisters because they grew up playing and having picnics here. The moss covered boulders and lush green forest made for some stunning photos.

“I never really felt like a girl who would get married, never really had a serious relationship before Jonathan.  BUT, the only thing I did know that should the day and right guy come along, that I would get married in our family church.” -Allie 

“My father as he was walking me down the isle whispered, “Please slow down; I only get to do this once.”  At that moment I realized that my father, the first man I ever loved, was about to present me to my husband and even though nothing would change between my father and me, he gave me away that day.  I want to spend every moment and every memory with Jonathan and the ones I love. Taking it slow so that we really cherish the moments we are in.  Because we can’t get them back.” - Allie

“The sole focus of the ceremony was the natural light and elegance of the church.  My father and his friends built that church for our family in 2001, the beauty of the church speaks for itself.  Greenery was used instead of bright flowers, elegance sits in simplicity.” -Allie 

“Our venue only sat 60 people (though I think we ended up having 72 haha) so it was very intimate and personal.” -Allie  

“The thing that surprised me the most about our wedding day was, I did not cry.  There was something so grounding about Jonathan that day.  He made everything calm and beautiful.  I honestly expected to be a bridezilla but, the day was perfect, and I had no worries as long as I knew I was going to end up Mrs. Roberts when it was all over.” -Allie

One of the sweetest moments of the day was watching Allie and her dad during their father-daughter dance.  In between bits of conversation, Garth sang lines from James Taylor’s “How Sweet It Is to Be Loved by You”.

After the dances, Allie surprised Jonathan’s mother with a birthday cake complete with an amazing rendition of Happy Birthday.  What a special day for a mother to share with her son.

Allie and Jonathan, we cannot thank you and your families enough for your hospitality and kindness.  Thank you for allowing us such an amazing opportunity to be part of a gorgeous memory. I wish you guys nothing but the best in your future together!

Jessie & Krystian | North meets South Polish Style Wedding

There are some couples we work with that will forever be permanently in my heart. There’s an instant connection, and you feel like long lost friends. I remember sitting down with Jessie for the consultation and looking up a few hours later to realize we had been talking like we had known each other for years. Once I met Krystian at the engagement session, and he made me take a shot of home-brewed moonshine, I knew we were friends for life.

Krystian and Jessie have such a zest for life that cannot be ignored. As you will see from the photos, we had a fantastic time, and the wedding was so unique and authentic to who they are, I cannot wait to share them with you. This was our first Polish wedding, but I hope it’s not the last! There were lots and lots of shots from homemade moonshine Krystian brewed specially for the occasion. These folks know how to party! Did I mention there were shots?

“We were dating only for about three months when I had a job opportunity in Mississippi.  Krystian didn't blink an eye before moving with me! Then we unexpectedly moved to Chicago about eight months before the wedding.  After a lot of discussion, we decided to keep the wedding in Tupelo even though none of our friends or family lived in Mississippi.  We fell in love with our church, St. James, and our venue, The Antler, and knew that it was where we were meant to be married.  I’m sure everyone was curious why were making them travel all the way to Tupelo, but I know they understood when they got there!  We were so blessed to have friends and family travel from Chicago, Florida, New Jersey, Poland and Canada to celebrate our marriage with us!” -Jessie

“Everyone gives you advice as the bride-to-be, and all of it is really helpful in planning and preparing for the big day.  I think the best advice I received was from my Matron of Honor, Jesse, and my bridesmaid, Kristin, at different times.  They basically said that nothing else matters except that I am marrying Krystian.  They were one hundred percent right!” -Jessie

“I know this isn’t super typical, but I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed of their wedding at all.  As I grew up, I thought the idea of getting married on a cliff in Italy or Greece would be perfect.  I don’t have a lot of family, so I always pictured a small and intimate ceremony.  But then I met Krystian, who is the youngest of seven siblings, and everything started to change. I absolutely fell in love with his large family and knew that we had to have a wedding everyone would be able to attend!” -Jessie

“Krystian and I met when we were both living in Tampa.  I had been there for 12 years or so, and Krystian decided - spur of the moment - to move down and work remotely.  He took me out to a French place in Tampa because he knew I liked escargot.” -Jessie

“Because of our moving schedule, Jessie knew it was going to be happening pretty soon.  But I still wanted the element of surprise.  So I figured I would catch her off guard and propose to her at the airport.  When she landed in Memphis after being on a trip, I was waiting at the airport, at the bottom of the escalator, with the engagement ring and a bouquet of roses with a hidden GoPro inside it.  I was nervous about having the bouquet wired-up at the airport, and at the last minute got nervous people would think it was a bomb.  I was messing with the GoPro when Jessie came down the escalator.  Good thing we had the GoPro because I don’t really remember what I said at all!” -Krystian on the proposal

“The emphasis on combining cultures and the relaxed atmosphere really set our wedding apart from others I have been to.  It was really important to both of us to pay homage to traditions in our families and cultures.  So we incorporated bagpipes both before and during the church ceremony as a nod to some of my Scottish roots.  Our food and drinks were heavily influenced by Krystian’s Polish roots- we had barscz, krokiety, kopytka among our family style offerings and all of the drinks on the table were homemade Polish liqueurs.  My bridesmaids even surprised Krystian and me and had the DJ and all the guests lift us up on chairs for the Horah since my dad is Jewish!” -Jessie

“Krystian and I are a couple of city kids who were living in a more rural area while in Mississippi so we wanted the wedding to reflect a melding of rustic and urban aesthetics.  It was very important to us that the wedding be timeless and not cliched, but have enough unique elements to make our wedding memorable for ourselves and our guests.” -Jessie 

“Things go wrong! On the wedding day, just go with the flow and drink some champagne and walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams!  Also, listen to your own instincts when picking vendors then trust them to do what they do best!  I did, and it resulted in the best wedding we could have ever dreamed of!” -Jessie’s wedding advice

“I almost forgot my wedding dress! I was rushing around so much the day before the wedding getting ready for the rehearsal and dinner that when I looked at the clock and it said 4:45 I had a mini-panic attack - the bridal boutique closed at 5:00, and the wedding was the next day! Luckily the ladies at Kay’s Kreations were amazing and stayed open a little late so my dad could make a last minute run to get my dress!  I don’t feel that bad about it because Krystian forgot his tie in Chicago, and so we were frantically searching for a replacement for that the whole time!  Also, my car had some issues after driving from Chicago to Mississippi so after the wedding we stayed a little longer in Tupelo to get it fixed, then had a mini-moon in Nashville.” -Jessie

“This may sound almost unbelievable, but every single vendor was an absolute dream to work with.  The two standout vendors (besides Ann-Marie and Sophie, of course!) were Ana and Brian Gonzalez from Elite Catering by Ana and Tracy Proctor of Designs by Tracy Proctor.

Ana and Brian have both been around the culinary world a long time and their experience really shone at our wedding.  They understood that food was one of the most important elements of our reception and they delivered one hundred percent!  Ana had spent some time near Poland and was really excited about our request for a family-style meal that was half American and half Polish cuisine.  By the time she combined our ideas with her own Latin heritage we had a menu full of amazing, unique and delicious food! Seriously -  everyone was raving about it, even all our relatives from Poland!!

I don’t know how to even begin to express how much we love Tracy Proctor!  Not only is the man a creative genius, but he is also the most thoughtful, caring human!  I am a rather Type-A person, but I let Tracy have almost complete control of the reception aesthetics and I couldn’t have made a better decision!  His beautiful soul is poured into each floral arrangement and each carefully curated decor item.  My bridal bouquet was romantic and lush, the arrangements at the church and reception were unique and breathtakingly gorgeous, and he even placed flowers on my wedding cake and decorated Krystian’s groom’s cake. That’s not even to mention all of the careful and tasteful arrangement of the decorative items he incorporated throughout the venue.  Tracy created a stunning welcome-arch that everyone was taking pictures at.  He truly transformed the space into another world, and into the wedding of our dreams!” -Jessie

Jessie and Krystian, THANK YOU so much for choosing us to participate in such an amazing wedding. Sophie and I are still talking about how much fun we had. We learned so much about the Polish culture and enjoyed talking with your family and friends! I am so glad we have made a lasting friendship with the both of you. I cannot wait to come to Chicago for a shoot, or even Poland maybe? - Anna Marysa (my new Polish name!)

Dress: Kay’s Kreations, Tupelo, MS | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Tux: Men’s Warehouse
Cakes: Creative Cakes, Tupelo, MS | Venue: The Antler, Tupelo, MS | Flowers & Decor: Designs by Tracy Proctor, Tupelo, MS | Invitations: Shutterfly | Rentals: Event Rentals
Ceremony Music: Erin Bristow | DJ: Andrew Johnson, Tupelo, MS | Caterer: Elite Catering by Ana | Hair: Laura Jones & Sunny from The Hair Tailors, Tupelo, MS | Makeup: Lauren Moore

Andrea & Ben | Elegant Hotty Toddy Lyric Oxford Wedding

I have known Andrea for a long time, so when she told me she was getting married and wanted me to shoot the wedding, I was so excited! I just knew she would make a stunningly elegant bride, and I was not disappointed.

Andrea and Ben’s wedding was so beautiful and the attention to detail was out of this world. To start off the weekend, The West family hosted an amazing rehearsal dinner at the Ole Miss South Endzone Club with James Beard award winner, Chef Ryan Prewitt of New Orleans, Peche providing an outstanding menu.

To kick off the wedding day, Andrea got ready at the Graduate Oxford hotel with her family and friends nearby.

Andrea and her daughter, Carlin shared a sweet moment while she was getting dressed for the day.

“We bought a house together last fall and decided that we’d love to start a new family tradition of having Christmas at our house, so we invited both of our families over on Christmas Day.  We enjoyed time together spent with family and just as we were gathering around to bless the meal, Ben got down on one knee in front of everyone asked me to marry him!  I was so excited that I didn’t even eat!” -Andrea

“After a few short months of dating, Ben moved to Houston, TX.  We dated long distance for the period he was in Houston, about 4 years.  Dating long distance is a hard thing, We then tried to see each other at least twice a month. A huge part of our dating life was Ole Miss football.  We would meet in whatever city they were playing and make a weekend out of it.” - Andrea

“My boss, Dee Hobbs, introduced us. One day Dee said ‘Ben’s coming by the office to talk to me, but he’s really coming by to talk to you.”  So Ben came in the office and said “Hey, Dee here?””  -Andrea

“When I left I did stop and talk to Andrea and she laughed at some of my bad jokes and so I kinda felt like this went pretty good.” -Ben

“It is true what everyone says, that your wedding day flies by so quickly.  There are so many people that traveled and came to support us that we didn’t even get to say thank you to, I just hope that everyone who attended knows how grateful we are for their love, support and presence on the happiest day of our lives!” - Andrea

“We could not have pulled off such an amazingly beautiful ceremony and reception without Leigh Fox.  Her attention to detail and desire for perfection made for an unforgettable night spent with our family and friends.  She truly created the wedding of our dreams and we cannot thank her enough.” - Andrea

“Ben loves our dog, Chief.  To add some personal touches to our reception, I surprised Ben by making huggies and napkins with little notes from ‘Chiefy’.” -Andrea 

“I knew from the moment we started wedding planning that I wanted to use my Grandpa’s Mustang as our send off car.  My Uncle Donnie drove us to The Graduate from the reception and he even surprised us wearing a chauffeur’s hat.  That was a very special ending to our very special day!” -Andrea

“Thank you Ann-Marie and Sophie for making our wedding day last forever by taking gorgeous pictures and capturing the special moments for us!  Thanks for keeping us all in line and on time.  Things couldn’t have gone as smoothly had you not been there to help push things along.” -Andrea 

Venues: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and The Lyric | Coordinator: Leigh Fox | Flowers: Deedra Stone Designs | Rental: Details Rentals Invitations: Soiree Signatures and The Dotted Line | Specialty Items: P. Press Papers | Band: Musical Fantasy | Caterer: Tallahatchie Gourmet | Cakes: Sweet T’s Bakery | Hair/Makeup: Julie Phillips Reid | Preparation Accommodations: The Graduate | Rehearsal Venue: The Field Club in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium | Rehearsal Catering: Chef Ryan Prewitt; Peche, New Orleans

Lilla & David | The Lyric Oxford Wedding with Fantastic Florals

Lilla and David's wedding was classically beautiful.  Sophie and I enjoyed spending time with their friends and family all weekend and I think their photos portrayed what a wonderful weekend it was.  She had a team of amazing vendors that made the day flow seamlessly and everything turned out to be so pretty.  

Her day started out at the Chancellors House Hotel, which made a beautiful backdrop for her detail and preparation shots.

"David and I met in Charlotte, NC where we live now. We met through mutual friends who all happened to be going to this charity event called the Quail Hollow Ball. We met and talked for a little while that night, and then kept running into each other with these same friends!" - Lilla

"My roommate and I had one of our friends in town visiting "for work." We started the day off with a great brunch and then our friend Frances suggested for us all to go get blow outs. This was not out of the ordinary because Frances gets a blow out once a week... My roommate Abby and I had plan to have a Christmas party at our house that night. I had made a Facebook group and invited everyone. Meanwhile our friends Blair and Drew asked us to go get a drink with them before. I am not dressed and ready for the party yet, but just leave quickly and planned to get ready afterwards. As I am getting in David's car Frances says don't you want to go ahead and put on your cute outfit and I say no and leave. Not to mention the outfit I have on is black leggings with a big blue PUFFY vest.... I hadn't pulled that out in 5 years but this was the day I decided to wear it. I was clueless... We pull up to the Duke Mansion to look at Christmas lights, and I am walking through the gardens and I look back and David is down on one knee. Our friends Drew and Blair were hiding in the bushes taking pictures. I will now always listen to Frances when she tells me to change clothes." - Lilla on the propsal

"It started down pouring about 30 minutes before the wedding, and to get into the front of the church you have to go outside. So the wonderful ladies of One Fine Day had about six umbrellas over my dad and I to get us into the church." -Lilla

"EVERYTHING was amazing!!! Taylor Square was AMAZING! We had 16 bridesmaids and 16 groomsmen and taking pictures was a breeze! The whole wedding party bragged on how easy and quick they made it! Keith Winchester is a dear family friend who is so talented! The flowers were one of my favorites parts of the night! The flower wall behind the cake was insane! I trusted him so much we never once discussed flowers or anything. I let him do what he thought was best! The food was wonderful!! A Party Waiting to Happen are also good friends of ours. They are so fun to work with and make some delicious food!" - Lilla 

"The planning of it all with One Fine Day made it so easy. The weekend of,  I would ask for something or make sure something was done and they would say already taken care of that.  They were on the ball!" - Lilla

"Our wedding day was the best!!! David and I keep reliving it in our minds over and over! Our favorite parts were our worlds colliding with each other and just looking out and seeing all of our friends and family having a blast together. It was so special!" -Lilla

Lilla and David, thank you so much for allowing us to share such a fun day with you!  We had such a great time and we wish you much love and happiness on your future! - Ann-Marie 


Dress: Rivini, Hayden Olivia | Bridesmaids Dresses: Sorella Vita, Bride and Groom | Tux: Thomas Brothers | Cakes: Decorator's Delight | Venue: First Prebsyterian Church and The Lyric | Coordinator: Claire Kiamie, One Fine Day | Flowers: Keith Winchester | Invitations: P Press | Rentals: Details Rentals | Music/Band: I Love this Band | Rehearsal Venue: Lenora's | Videographer: Dear Little Films | Caterer: Party Waiting to Happen | Hair: Jessica Mathias | Makeup: Jessica Mathias | Preparation Accommodations: The Chancellors House

Mollie & Ben | Oxford Country Club Lovely Lively Wedding

Mollie and Ben have to be one of my favorite couples of 2018.  They are SO fun.  I love a couple that can laugh together, because frankly if you can't have fun then what's the point?   We had so much fun shooting their engagement session that I just knew the wedding was going to be a blast.  I was also so excited about this wedding because we were working with one of our favorite videography teams (and my Taylor neighbors), Frameblender Films

"Ben and I met at the wedding of Maggie and Nick Carr. Ben was a groomsman, and I was a wedding guest. Maggie was a High School friend and Delta Gamma sister at Mississippi State, and Nick was a law school friend of Ben’s. We have two stories. We could tell people we met at the wedding where he caught the garter, and I caught the bouquet (which DID happen). However, the reality of the situation is we met at Shuckers on the Rez in the wee hours of the morning. I walked past him with Maggie’s bouquet, and he asked me “Are those Maggie’s flowers” to which I responded, “Well, who else's would they be?”. He told me to sit down, we talked all night, and the rest is history!" -Mollie 

"What truly made our wedding special is we had so many friends and family attend from every step of our lives! Childhood, high school, college, law school and beyond were all there to celebrate and party with us!" - Mollie 

"Every bride has told me this and I never believed them, but things fly by in the blink of an eye on your wedding day. I feel like one moment I woke up and the next, we were walking through the sparklers during our exit. It’s so important to savor every second!" -Mollie

The bridal party wanted to take a quick detour to the Library before heading to the reception at the Country Club of Oxford.

"When we went to cut the cake I had completely forgotten the skinny layers were fake. We were wondering if our cake was made out of cement for a hot second! I remember Ben sawing the cake at one point. The foam layer we cut ended up dropping in one of the candles lit. Definitely a blooper moment! When we cut the actual cake it was a “piece of cake” literally!!" -Mollie

"At the wedding reception, I learned 2 things: 1. That I could do the worm (had no idea I was capable but apparently I can in a wedding dress) 2. My dad thinks he is a hip-hop superstar and claimed to know the words to rap songs I didn’t think he knew existed!" -Mollie

"What my mom and I quickly learned how unique of a community Oxford vendors are. We were lucky enough to work with vendors that all had relationships with each other! Each vendor made us feel like we were their only wedding with the amount of love and attention we received. To kick it off, Claire Kiamie with One Fine Day went above and beyond to keep us sane through the wedding planning process. She is a superwoman and has weddings down to a science! Ann Marie and Gabby with Details Rentals were instrumental in making the overall design of the reception simply magical. The Country Club of Oxford was a dream venue with the beautiful ballroom complete with crystal chandeliers. Chef Jonathan Oliver can make any foodies dreams come true and we still have wedding guests raving about the food! The event coordinator of the Country Club, Connie Braseth, was wonderful to work with as well. Last but not least, Lisa and Christian of Frameblenders and Ann-Marie of Taylor Square Photography were there to capture the moments we will be able to relive forever!!" -Mollie

"Although she may not be a vendor, I want to especially give a shout-out to my wonderful mother, Wanda! She made the entire wedding perfect and spent many, many hours ensuring it was wonderful! She’s truly my best friend and mom! We had so much fun planning!" -Mollie

Mollie & Ben, thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding!  We had such an amazing day filled with lots of laughter and fun.  I wish you nothing but the best on a very blessed marriage! - Ann-Marie 

Dress: Martina Liana, Elle James Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Hayley Paige, Bella Bridesmaids | Tux: Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse | Cakes: The Flour Garden | Venue: Paris-Yates Chapel and the Country Club of Oxford | Coordinator: Claire Kiamie, One Fine Day | Flowers: Oxford Floral | Invitations: Graham Carraway/ All other printing by Fresh Ink | Rentals: Details Rentals | Music/Band: The Party Jammers | Rehearsal Venue: Big Truck Theatre | Videographer: Frameblender Films | Caterer: Chef Jonathan Oliver, Country Club of Oxford | Hair: Jessica Mathias, J Lauren and Co | Makeup: Bride: April Epps Bridesmaids: J Lauren and Co. | Preparation Accommodations: The Graduate Oxford

Anna & Nick | Mississippi Delta Classic Wedding

Sophie and I had a great time taking this road trip down to Greenville in the Mississippi Delta for Anna and Nick's wedding.  We managed to capture some beautiful photos in downtown Greenville, and hopefully, in the process, captured the essence of what makes the Delta so unique.

"We started dating after our freshman year of college (finally). We spent practically every day together that summer and Nick asked me to be his girlfriend in a sunflower field." -Anna

"Nick started packing for a picnic and told me to get dressed, which is definitely not out of the norm. We got in the car and started driving but he would not tell me where we were going. We pulled up at Windsor Ruins and I immediately started crying. I knew then what he had been planning. Windsor Ruins was a place that I had mentioned a while back that I wanted to go to and never thought much more about it until the moment we pulled up there. We got engaged during our picnic on what felt like the hottest day of the year. We were so giddy and asked every stranger that walked up to take our picture. After we left I started calling all of my close friends and family and everyone was so excited! When we got back to our house our families and some of our close friends were there to surprise me." -Anna on the proposal

Anna & Nick's Millie was quite a show stealer early in the day.  I think she likes having her photos made!

"I think the whole day felt like a dream because everything happened so quickly. The day we had been planning for was finally upon us, and we were so excited! We had many friends and family that traveled far to come to celebrate with us, and we are extremely grateful for everyone that came." - Anna 

"It was so special that Nick and I were able to get married in the same church my parents got married at in 1980. We were also very fortunate that Mark Shoffner was ordained a deacon in time to be the officiant at our wedding! Mark is someone who is very near and dear to our hearts and he made our day even more special." -Anna 

The reception took place at the Greenville Country Club.  Amanda Cottingham of The Pantry, decked out the country club from head to toe and made it shine.  

"I guess every little girl grows up dreaming that one day you will get married. You dream that you will marry your “prince” the perfect man for you. As you get older you realize there are few men that have the same characteristics as the princes you would watch on Disney movies. Nick is my prince. He makes me better every day and he is everything that I am not. He is the most thoughtful and compassionate person that you will ever meet and I am so fortunate that our lives crossed paths again and we get to spend forever together." -Anna

Dress: Martina Liana Bridal | Bridesmaid dresses: Adrianna Papell | Tux: The Country Gentleman | Cake, Catering, Design and Flowers: The Pantry Inc. | Church: St. Joseph Catholic Church | Venue: Greenville Golf and Country Club | Coordinator: Lisa Johnson | Band: Fountain City Players | Rehearsal Venue: The Leyser Gallery | Videographer: Robert Piercy Films | Hair: Kristen Elrod | Makeup: April Epps | Preparation Accommodations: The Lofts at 517


Logan & Matt | Magical Military Georgia Wedding

There are some people the Lord brings into your life, and you know the relationship you hold is something extraordinary, one of a kind.  That is the kind of friendship I have with Logan.  

Logan was introduced to me when I first started Taylor Square back in 2012.  She was at Ole Miss and wanted to explore her love for photography.  Logan second shot for me for several weddings and even babysat my three kiddos for me when I needed help.  She became a fixture in my family's lives, and my children loved her.  Bless her heart, she even put my middle daughter, McCarley, in a school pageant for me while I was shooting a wedding.  (She deserves a gold medal for that day!)  So, needless to say when she told me she was FINALLY getting married to the love of her life for the last six years, Matt, I knew I was going to Georgia!  

"I found my wedding dress on the first day I went looking in the first store I went to. I only brought my sister and mom with me because they know me so well and have great style. I went into dress shopping thinking that I wanted a Hayley Paige dress but the store I went to did not have the dresses organized by designer so I simply starting picking dresses I was drawn to. I tried on three that were the style I thought I wanted but I did not like any of them so I went back to the racks and began selecting dresses opposite of what I had in mind. I finally narrowed it down to two dresses, one I loved the top of and the other I loved the bottom of…. That’s when I saw my dress hanging on the door to another dressing room! It was almost an exact mix of the top and bottom that I loved. I asked my consultant to see if the dress was available to try on and it was. Immediately I knew it was the one, it had enough sparkle and elegance while being unique and different than any other dress I had seen. I really wanted an elegant gown that would compliment Matts uniform seamlessly. My mom and sister were both blown away by how amazingly the dress fit my personality and style. As we were purchasing the gown I finally saw the tag, and it was indeed a Hayley Paige gown- at that moment I knew it was meant to be." - Logan

"My first look with Dad was very special. My dad is a girls dad through and through, and the love he has for my sister and I is something I cannot even explain. I knew the entire day would be pretty emotional for him and I also knew that the first look would be the start of the emotions. As my dad walked up the stairs to see me, he had to take a second to collect himself before I turned around.  That moment was so special. He gave me the biggest bear hug and told me how proud he was of me. That moment is one I will treasure forever. The wedding gift I decided to give my dad was a pair of cufflinks. The date and “father of the bride” was written on one and the other had his favorite picture of us from when I was little. My dad and I have a strong bond; it's really hard to describe. He is the biggest sports fan and outdoorsman, but he is the best girl dad there is. He is our biggest fan and always in my corner. I am so happy we had that special moment with just us two before making our walk down the aisle." - Logan

"Matt and I met in high school my senior year and his junior year, we went to a small private school so we were always seeing each other in the halls and at sporting events. Not long after meeting we began dating and continued dating for a total of six years. All six years was long distance as I left for college in MS not long after our relationship began and Matt went off to college in NY." - Logan

Logan surprised Matt with a new Hoyt bow.  He was so excited, I didn't think he wanted to put it down!

"Long-distance is definitely not easy, but when you know, it's worth it to make the best out of each moment you have together. In total Matt and I was long distance for six years, so that made the wedding day super exciting! That morning I had this surreal feeling knowing that the distance was no longer going to be between us and we were going to be able to live life together! Matt and I had always talked about the day we would be in the same place, and it was the craziest mix of emotions as the day that hope became a reality. Matt said, “It was really exciting knowing we were not going to have to Facetime anymore and we would be able to talk in person.” Matt and I both agree that although being long distance was hard and took a lot of effort it forced us to learn to communicate with one another and to make the most of every five-minute phone call and the presence of those around you." - Logan

The event venue, Sandy Creek Barn at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, was a beautiful location to host the wedding because it fit Logan and Matt's style perfectly.  

"My inspiration for the wedding design was really focused around our personalities; we are both very simple people who love being outside in the country. I wanted soft colors for an elegant feel with lush greenery and wood accents to play up the barn venue." - Logan

"Our ceremony was more perfect than I could have ever planned it to me. I knew from the beginning of planning that I wanted a very intimate ceremony but I also knew that we had so many friends and family we wanted to be there. With the guest list growing I began to brain storm some things that would set our wedding apart from others we had been to. That’s when I remembered a high school church retreat where my pastor explained the significance of foot washings in the Bible. I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate a foot washing into our ceremony for a number of reasons. The most prominent reason was that of our first action as husband and wife would be an act of service to each other. Our entire relationship has had the central theme of service, being long distance you have to put a lot of effort into serving the other while away. Matt and I also strive to live a life of service in our careers; Matt made the decision awhile ago that it was a desire of his to serve our country and I am eager to begin my career as a marriage therapist serving all the families and couples I come in contact with. The ceremony itself was extremely emotional, Matt and I both were so eager and ready to become husband and wife but during our vows I had the most surreal peace come over me because I knew it was right. Once the foot washing began the tears were flowing strong. Matt and I had the opportunity to pray over each other as we washed each others feet and Matt said, “I have never felt the Lords presence with the two of us more than I did in that moment.” The act of washing feet was so raw and unrehearsed and intimate that it was perfect to me. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. We were so blessed to have so many people come to celebrate with us but at the same time I felt as though Matt and I were the only ones in front of that barn giving our hearts to each other, my desire for an intimate ceremony was 100% met." - Logan

"The ceremony itself was extremely emotional, Matt and I both were so eager and ready to become husband and wife, during our vows I had the most surreal peace come over me because I knew it was right. Once the foot washing began, the tears were flowing strong. Matt and I had the opportunity to pray over each other as we washed each other's feet and Matt said, “I have never felt the Lord's presence with the two of us more than I did at that moment.” The act of washing feet was so raw and unrehearsed and intimate that it was perfect to me. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. We were so blessed to have so many people come to celebrate with us, but at the same time, I felt as though Matt and I were the only ones in front of that barn giving our hearts to each other, my desire for an intimate ceremony was 100% met." -Logan

After the sun went down, the party began.  Matt's military friends created a grand entrance for the couple and the first dances were beautiful.  Logan's father gave a heart-felt speech about his little girl and the lady she has become.  You could tell that his love for her as well as Matt is strong.

"What made our wedding special was the excitement we shared about finally being together forever." -Logan

Logan & Matt, thank you so much for allowing Sophie and I to travel all the way to Georgia to witness such a BEAUTIFUL day.  I am so honored you chose me!  You guys are so special and I just know your marriage will be blessed beyond measure.  - Ann-Marie

Dress: Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique, Hayley Paige Designer | Bridesmaids Dresses: BHLDN Weddings | Tux: Jos. A. Bank | Cake: Debra Adams | Venue: Sandy Creek Barn at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee | Wedding Planner and Designer: No Regrets Events | Flowers: Zeb Grant Design | Invitations: Catherine Westerfield Holden | DJ: Mike Zarin | Rehearsal Venue: Harbor Club Polo Stables | Videographer: Kevin Hursh Films | Caterer: Reynolds Lake Oconee | Hair and Makeup: Jennifer Nieman



Weezie & Daniel | Memphis Country Club "Weezie Wonderland" Wedding

When I met Weezie and Daniel for the first time to take their engagement photos, I walked away so excited. They had amazing chemistry and every shot showed their true love for each other. I could not wait for the wedding and it did not disappoint!  These two are so adorable together and it conveyed in the images. 

"My bridal party made the day very special. I had girls who I have gone to school with since I was three years old, to friends from college, to friends I’ve made since moving back to Memphis, to old and new family. No matter how long I have known them, they all showed me nothing but love and encouragement that weekend. When we were getting ready, they gave me a box full of notes and pictures of us from different phases in my life. It was so thoughtful of them, and I will always look back through those notes and think of how special they are to me." - Weezie 

"Daniel and I wrote notes to each other to read before our first look. Throughout the course of dating, Daniel always wrote me notes on notebook paper. It’s kind of a ‘thing’ of ours. I loved when I opened up his note on our wedding day, and it was written on notebook paper. It made me smile!" - Weezie

"Daniel and I wanted the day to be a fun celebration of our love and commitment to each other. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the wedding details, because there are so many of them, but we always kept going back to the thought “at the end of the day we will be married”. That perspective made the day much more fun and exciting than stressful." - Weezie

"What made our wedding so special was that Daniel and I truly felt so loved by every guest at our wedding. It was overwhelming how supported and encouraged we felt by our family and friends that weekend. The fact that so many of our family members came from all over the world to celebrate us was just awesome. We had family there from Canada, Amsterdam, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Alabama, Virginia, East Tennessee, and more! It was such an honor to have them all there." - Weezie

"I had not really thought about the details of my wedding until I met Daniel. All the sudden, I started thinking about that day and what it would not only look like but what it would feel like. I wanted to make sure that our love was at the center of the celebration. I definitely felt that way on our wedding day!" -Weezie 

"Right before our vows, Daniel’s dad, his best man, dropped the rings. He recovered quickly by picking them up and acting like he was going to throw them into the congregation. It was so funny! I needed a laugh because I had been so teary and emotional up to that point of the ceremony, and the rings were unscathed!" - Weezie

"The wedding was everything I dreamed of and more because of our wedding planner, the amazing Mona Dunlap. I loved working with her, and she did such a great job listening to my vision and bringing it to life. While we were getting ready the day of the wedding, my bridal party went and took a sneak peak of the venue while our vendors were setting up and called it a “Weezie wonderland” because it was so “me”! I was so thankful for all the work Mona put into our wedding day to make it so special!" - Weezie

"My dad and I decided just two weeks before the wedding that we would take a couple dance lessons for the traditional Father-Daughter Dance. Those lessons were so fun and such a sweet time for us to spend together before I got married. I would not trade that time with my dad for anything!" - Weezie

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing Weezie's cousin tear up the dance floor to "Walking on Sunshine".  I promise, every time I hear that song I will remember how much fun she was having dancing to this song.  She truly was walking on sunshine!   Keep an eye on her, because she makes more appearances during the night!

"When I threw the bouquet, I couldn’t really see behind me because of the bright stage lights. I threw it, and it went straight into the ballroom chandelier. Thankfully I got to try throwing another bouquet and missed the chandelier the second time! " - Weezie

"We wanted to have an Elvis come to the wedding to add a little Memphis flavor to the night. We were going to hire somebody, but my brother offered. He rented an Elvis costume, and it was hilarious! I thought he was just going to pose for pictures with wedding guests, but he went all out. Daniel and I had no idea that he was going to dance on stage or sing Rocky Top with the band. We absolutely loved it, and it was one of the highlights of our night. Go Vols!" - Weezie

"Daniel and I want to thank my parents and his parents for making our wedding weekend so very special. They made our dreams come true, and we appreciate them more than I think they will ever know!" - Weezie

Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Tux: Mens’ Warehouse | Cake: Lee Sanders | Venue: Memphis Country Club | Designer and Planner: Mona E. Dunlap Events | Flowers: The Garden District | Invitations: RSVP | Rentals: White Door Events and Liz Luxury Event Rentals | Music/Band: DMP | Rehearsal Venue: Bounty on Broad | Videographer: Message in a Bottle Productions | Caterer: Memphis Country Club | Hair: Jenna Talarico and Lindsay Howell | Makeup: Make Up by Kendrick






Shelby & Joe | Memphis Chickasaw Country Club Wedding

Sometimes you just know when you are working with good people.  Shelby and Joe definitely fit that description.  They are so kind and easy going that the whole day was relaxed and fun.  

The majority of the day was at Shelby's home where everyone just hung out and chilled, exactly the way Shelby and Joe wanted it.

"One thing that made my wedding day so special was that the entire bridal party got ready at my parent's home. When I was in middle school and high school, my friends and I would typically get ready at my parent's home. So being able to get ready at my parent's home for my wedding day made it extra special. At the start of the day, it just felt like any other time my friends and I were getting ready and eating at my parent's home. It was fun to be able to share in that experience with my friends one last time before getting married." -Shelby

"It did not feel like my wedding day at all. My friends were getting their hair and makeup done, while I was stuffing my face with food. Then it was my turn to get my makeup done, but it still did not feel like my wedding day. Then I move to the next chair to get my hair done. I'm eating, drinking, and getting my hair curled when suddenly Joseph from Garden District walks in with the bouquets, and I scream. At that exact moment, it finally hit me that it was my wedding day, and I was getting married later that day!" - Shelby

"My bridal party had Ole Miss friends, St. Mary’s friends, and family friends. Every one of my bridesmaids was so special to me, and I couldn’t have imagined getting married without her by my side." -Shelby

"I definitely had dreams of getting married when I was little. I wanted to get married at Christ Methodist and have my reception at Chickasaw. I knew I wanted a lace dress with a train and a long veil. I always hoped the day would be magical and perfect, but I never could have imagined a more perfect day nor marrying a better man." -Shelby

"I value tradition. I wanted my wedding to reflect a traditional wedding. I did not want anythng super trendy in my wedding. I wanted to look back at my wedding later in life and still love everything about it. My favorite color has always been pink, so the flowers reflected that with different shades of pink in everything." - Shelby

"One interesting dream was something that Joe actually had. Ever since he was younger, he always thought that a white dinner jacket was a great look (most likely because of James Bond). This made him always want to wear that for his wedding. While I wouldn't allow him to wear it for the ceremony, he switched into it for the reception and I must say, he looked good in it!" - Shelby

"Joe's mom fell the day before the wedding, right before the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. She went to the ER and was diagnosed with a fracture in her knee and had to be placed in an immobilizer and was on crutches/in a wheelchair. However, this did not stop her from being a part of the special day and enjoying every moment. A really special moment surrounding this was when she and Joe got up and had their first dance. It was incredibly sweet and I was so happy that they were still able to have that moment together!" -Shelby

One of my favorite shots from the night is the garter toss.  If you look closely, everyone is pointing a someone.  Even the gentlemen that caught the garter is pointing at the camera!  It made me laugh out loud when I saw it. - Ann-Marie

"Our wedding photographer was amazing and the best ever!!!!! In all honesty though, every vendor was amazing and helped make our day so special and amazing! From the flowers to the food to the photographer to the hair and makeup, I wouldn’t change any of it!" -Shelby

Shelby and Joe, thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this special, fun day.  You guys rock and I am so excited to have new friends.  You are very blessed with wonderful friends and family.  We wish you many years of happiness and love!!  - Ann-Marie & Sophie

Dress: Maggie Louise | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | Tux: American Tuxedo | Cakes: Cakes by Mom and Me | Venue: Christ United Methodist Church and Chickasaw Country Club | Planner and Designer: Mona Dunlap Events | Flowers: Garden District | Invitations: RSVP Stationers | Rentals: White Door Events | Music/Band: Dance Street from RAM Entertainment | Rehearsal Venue: Grove Grill | Hair: Anna Van Winkle | Makeup: Makeup by Kendrick

Ally & Sean | Simply Elegant Castle Hill Oxford Wedding

Ally and Sean's wedding has to be one of my favorites so far for 2018.  It was simply elegant.  Ally did such an amazing job planning her wedding on a budget.  She's a girl after my own heart.  She chose a venue which is beautiful in itself with no need to go overboard with decor, and even made decorations by hand from Goodwill finds. You will see from the images that everything turned out so perfect and amazingly beautiful, you would never know she had a budget!  

"Our wedding was so special because 90% of the guests that were there were from up north, (Ohio, New York, etc).  For some of them, it was there first time in Mississippi/the deep south.  It meant so much that they traveled so far to be a part of it." -Ally

"We met in college, but didn't start dating until years after we had graduated.  We were friends and had secret crushes on each other but both had people we were dating from back home so nothing came of it.  Sean reached out to me a few times after college but we were living in different cities and I didn't really entertain talking to him further than "hey how are you".  He finally reached out to me one final time and pretty much put it all out there.  Told me that he felt like "I was one that got away".  He asked me to meet him somewhere in between where we were living (he was in Arizona at the time and I was in Buffalo), I agreed.  Sean pulled out the big guns and booked a trip to the Cayman Islands. We were together ever since." -Ally

The bridal party consisted of Sean's two brothers, father, two sisters, Ally's sister and brother, and many more friends and family from all over.  I love it when a wedding feels more like a family reunion than a wedding!

Ally and Sean held their wedding in the beautiful back yard of Castle Hill at sunset.  

"My uncle married us which made everything so much more intimate and special." -Ally

"I love simplicity.  I wanted my wedding to be understated and light. I made all my decorations from good will finds, it was fun turning old trinkets into something special." -Ally

Ally and Sean, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special day.  You guys make a stunning couple and I am so honored you chose me to capture this beautiful moment. - Ann-Marie 

Dress:  Martina Liana - Bliss Bridal in Buffalo NY | Bridesmaids Dresses:  Vera Wang in biscotti - Davids  Bridal | Tux: Vera Wang - Jos A Bank | Cakes:  Lisa Whitehead | Venue & Catering: Castle Hill | Coordinator: Emily Burton | Flowers:  Mimosa | Invitations:  Callahans Quickprint | Rentals: Details | Music/Band:  Vault Entertainment | Rehearsal Venue:  Thacker 564 | Hair :  La Rousse - Dallas Nut | Makeup: La Rousse

Maegan & JQ | Taylor Mississippi Plein Air Bespoke Wedding

As a photographer, I have the opportunity to meet so many different personality types.  I love a couple that likes to laugh a have a good time. It makes my job so much easier because I am able to capture their joy by laughing and having a good time.

I knew from the moment we took their engagement photos that this Maegan and JQ was after my own heart.  You will see their rich sense of humor in the photographs from their wedding day.  We had so much fun and I hope their love translates in the images. 

"I loved that we used a lot of family history in our small details. My “something old” was my grandmother’s ring,  “something new” was a handkerchief hand embroidered by my mother and tied around my bouquet, “something borrowed” was my mother’s earrings, and “something blue” was my father’s eagle pin from his time in the Air National Guard. The tablecloth for my cake table was crocheted by my great-grandmother. One of JQ’s gifts was a shadow box with his great-grandfather’s jacket and a photo of his great-grandparents. JQ was named after his great-grandfather (JQ is Jim Q, IV) and we will be living in his great-grandparents’ house." -Maegan

"One of my bridesmaids stopped me before we started pictures and asked if I wanted to wear her bracelet. She told me that it had Jessie’s handwriting printed on it with “All My Love”. Jessie was a wonderful friend who passed away a few years ago and it meant the world to me to have a part of her with me on our wedding day!" -Maegan

JQ's crazy Rylee socks were the inspiration for all the guys to have crazy socks that matched their personalities.  The groomsmen wore hand-made wooden carved bow ties made by Bowtie Teddy, Oxford, MS.

"It rained all morning! I had been joking for weeks that it would snow on our wedding day due to the late winter and crazy weather we had been having! I just kept telling myself to prepare for the worst and then it would be okay! Well it rained all morning but I remained calm. I knew everything would work out so it didn’t really matter to me if it rained or not. Plus I heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck: a wet knot is almost impossible to untie. The sun finally came out in time for pictures but then it started raining again about an hour or so before the ceremony. We dug up the bottle of bourbon (that was supposed to keep the rain away) and took shots with the wedding party. Then the sun came out and it was gorgeous for the rest of the day! The sun peaked through the clouds just as I started down the aisle! It was perfect!" -Maegan

"When I met with Ann Marie with Details and discussed our vision, she immediately named it “Rustic Elegance”. This made perfect sense as it captures our relationship. JQ is outdoorsy and I am more refined. The old, reclaimed wood and exposed brick along with the beauty of the Chapel and the Mill were perfect for us! Adding simple touches of greenery with white candles and soft white and pale pink flowers tied it all together!" -Maegan

The band kicked off the festive Cinco de Mayo party with a round of tequila shots to commemorate the perfect wedding day.  

"When my dad was a teenager, he invented this dance called “The Post Hole Dig”, kind of along the lines of “The Lawnmower” and “The Sprinkler”. We told him that we wanted him do it at the reception, but he kept saying he wouldn’t. Well, he surprised us all (and himself) when he got out in the middle of the dance floor and showed us how it was really done!" -JQ

"All of the vendors were perfect! Everyone was so accommodating and made sure our wishes were met! Planning a wedding while entering a doctoral program, working two jobs, and renovating a house is not easy! I could not have done it without everyone’s help!" -Maegan

Maegan & JQ, thank you so much for allowing me to share such a fun day with you and your families!  You guys are so great together and I know your marriage will be amazing.  A couple that laughs together, stays together!  Never take that for "granite".  *hugs* - Ann-Marie

Dress: Low’s Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses:  |  Cakes: Bride’s cake – Church Street Cakery-Newton, MS |  Venue: The Chapel and the Mill at Plein Air | Flowers: Twisted Twig | Invitations: Matilda Ruth Designs  | Rentals: Details | Music/Band: The Soul Tones | Rehearsal Venue: Taylor Grocery | Caterer: A&N Catering | Hair & Makeup:  | Bowties: Bowtie Teddy (Teddy Mullins)


Lindsey & Tyler | Southern Spring Cadre Wedding

Lindsey and Tyler have such amazing friends and family.  The whole wedding day was filled with laughter and good times.  All week Lindsey and I were planning around the "what ifs" of rain, but it actually held off and made for some beautiful photos!  

But before I share wedding day, I just have to share some from Lindsey's bridal session at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.  Lindsey made such a stunning bride, I was glad we could get some beautiful sunshine photos of her before the wedding.

The wedding day started out at the Madison Hotel in downtown Memphis.  The hotel has so much style that Sophie and I knew exactly where we wanted to do the dress shot.  The elevator walls were covered in records which was so cool and made the perfect shot.  I also stepped out of the box and shot the ring and shoe details on top of a black laqured surface in the bathroom. 

"Tyler and I were both born and raised in Memphis, but we didn’t cross paths until we ended up in the same calculus class during the fall of our freshman year at Alabama. Despite sitting a row or two apart from each other the whole semester, we didn’t officially meet until winter break when we were at a mutual friend’s house. He later offered me a ride to Knoxville for Boxing Weekend – where all great love stories begin – and when we returned to Tuscaloosa, he asked me out on our first date." -Lindsey

After their first look on the rooftop of the Madison Hotel, Lindsey and Tyler's bridal party went downtown for some shots at Court Square.

"The whole weekend was so special for both of us! It was truly the most amazing experience having so many loved ones from both near and far and from the many different stages of our lives gathered in one place to help us celebrate."- Lindsey

Lindsey and Tyler's downtown Memphis Cadre reception was beautifully staged and designed by her wedding planners, WED Memphis.

"Our florist Deedra Stone was SO amazing to work with! The one thing I remember always wanting at my wedding reception was a room full of beautiful flowers, and Deedra far exceeded anything I could’ve ever dreamed of!" - Lindsey

"All of our vendors went above and beyond to make this weekend one that we will always remember! Our planners, Kathryn and Patti with WED Memphis, didn’t overlook a single detail and made sure the whole weekend went off without a hitch. The food by A Moveable Feast was absolutely delicious!! And Kipp with Kipp Cakes! We had so many people ask for her contact info after the wedding. We may not be able to wait ‘til our one-year anniversary to have another bite of her delicious cake!" - Lindsey